Welcome to the first Winter Update! These blog posts will serve to keep our friends and fans updated on all INov8 news.

We are pleased to announce that we are now officially partnered with Vic Firth and Mike Balter for the 2019 season and on! We are continuing our partnerships with Zildjian and Tama this season, as well. INov8 is so excited for these new opportunities, and we cannot wait to get all of our gear in and start making some noise.


In addition to new gear, our members are hard at work putting the show on the floor. Continuing our progress that we have made in December, we are glad to be getting better every weekend. “I love how the show concept is really progressing. We’re putting more emotion into it and really getting personal about what it means to us.” says third year snare line member Julielle Bowman. With only a few weeks until our first show, we are eager to unveil INov8 2019 at a World Class level.

Every year, INov8 works hard to give members and staff a world-class percussion experience. This includes many things such as adequate rehearsal space and exceptional equipment. Without your help, most of this would not be possible! Consider donating to INov8 to help us continue growing our educational ensemble. You can become a sustaining sponsor, or a one-time donor! Any amount helps.

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