By Abner Miralda, Photos by James Procell

Overcoming snow and cold from winter storm Uma, INov8 Winter Percussion competed in the Winter Guard International (WGI) Mid-East Power Regional at BB&T Arena this weekend earning top honors in the Percussion Independent Open class with a score of 90.80.

The Mid East Power Regional, the final major percussion competition before WGI Finals on the eastern US, was under threat of cancellation by winter storm Uma. WGI chose to move ahead with the contest as planned and snow and freezing temperatures pelted the groups who chose to participate during Prelims on Saturday.

“The snow added a mental obstacle,” said Dave Isaacs, Ensemble Director. “Everything was wet-- keyboards weren’t plugged in and we had some balance issues because of it.”

The poor conditions were ongoing throughout the entire day at Prelims, but INov8 came out with a score of 89.250.

“Part of rehearsal on Saturday night was spent trying to recover from the conditions, drying off equipment. But we got back on our feet and put a lot of energy into the rehearsal,” said Isaacs. “The performance on Sunday was far more collected.”

This week the show saw some changes, but no complete overhauls. “We changed the end of our bass feature,” said Isaacs, who counted the changes with one hand. “We also added some choreography but mainly we cleaned up some things around the show to make it more readable.”

Sunny weather on Sunday helped dismiss warmup troubles and the work put in over the last two rehearsal weekends saw INov8 earn a score of 90.80. This marks the first time INov8 has been able to capture the Mid East Power Regional championship.

Next week INov8 returns to BB&T Arena at Northern Kentucky University for the TriState Marching Arts championships. It’ll be the final performance of the season before prelims on April 19th in Dayton, Ohio.

“I’m looking forward to us getting in front of TriState,” said Isaacs. “The response is always great and it feels like a home crowd since a few of our members have come from those programs.”

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