By Abner Miralda, Photos by James Procell

INov8 performed for the second time in ensemble history in the WGI Percussion Independent Open Class Finals on Saturday, April 21st, earning a 5th place finish with a score of 93.475.

"I thought [the performance] was incredible. This week was much more than playing clean and winning something," said Dave Isaacs, Ensemble Director, pointing out that this weekend was about spending time with each other, working together, and bringing the show to life for a few final times. "I made sure that all the members understood this." 

In only its third year, INov8 pushed ahead with Time Bomb, a show design concept that was more complex and demanding than years past. Written and arranged by Isaacs, it was fully customized to give the cast an opportunity to engage with the audience and reach new levels of performance quality for INov8. The Finals performance provided that and more.

"The product was an emotional one for the whole group, and there was an ownership that each member needed for their performance to create the mood from moment to moment, and they did that," said Isaacs.

"The finals performance was everything I wanted it to be. Those moments that we wanted a reaction from the crowd, we got it, and the members felt it, and they were able to feed off that energy, and that feeling will stay with them for years to come."

The cast broke into cheers as they pushed equipment out of the University of Dayton Arena following their finals performance. 

However, finishing the 2018 season was not easy. 

"The intense physicality of the show was always a challenge for the ensemble all season. There were a lot of falls, pulled muscles, asthma attacks, overheating, etc. They worked their butts off for this show." 

As the members sat gathered around the equipment truck for one final time with the full staff, they exchanged hugs and stories, and were each given a piece of the same fabric their uniforms were made of. 

Isaacs finished the gathering with, "You guys know I'm going home and starting work on next year's show."

The 2018 season would not have been possible without the support of our valued partners:

  • Evans Drumheads
  • Dynasty Drums and Bergerault keyboards
  • Zildjian Cymbals
  • Innovative Percussion sticks and mallets
  • Vibes Earplugs
  • Band Shoppe custom apparel
  • isX Music
  • ON2 Percussion Custom Drum Slips
  • Winter Guard Tarps
  • Floyd Central High School 

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