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INov8 Goes World

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INov8 Goes World


Floyds Knobs, Ind. - INov8 Winter Percussion will be competing in the WGI Percussion Independent World class for the 2019 season and beyond. This makes INov8 the only PIW group in the surrounding Kentuckiana area.

“We are really excited to provide a World Class performance opportunity to the young people of Southern Indiana and the mid Ohio Valley region. This next step gives our current and future members a larger stage, a bigger audience, and a new challenge,” said Board of Directors President Kevin Ransdell. “Our ensemble culture has always placed artistry in music and movement at the core of our program. We look to build on that culture as the program matures into this next phase and deliver on our mission for our members -- pushing them to develop themselves as musicians and as young people through the performing arts.”


In 2012, INov8 Independent began as a winter guard based out of Evansville, Indiana, and competing in the Independent A class in WGI. They competed for two seasons, as two-time regional finalists in 2013, then Nashville Regional Champion and WGI Finalists in 2015. In August of 2015, the board of directors approved the creation of a winter percussion program directed by Dave Isaacs.

“Moving into PIW is just another opportunity to raise the bar; another challenge for the organization and its members - a challenge that will continue to strengthen the bond we have together," said Isaacs. “That strong bond and feeling of family is something that makes me excited for cold weather.  I've witnessed this group grow so much over the last three years, and I look forward to seeing them rise to the occasion once again!”

Cymbals just having fun...

The continued success of INov8 Winter Percussion is made possible through the hard work and dedication of its members, staff, and volunteers, as well as support from regional educational and industry partners. To learn more about our organization please visit our ABOUT page.

To learn how to become a member of INov8 Winter Percussion in 2019, visit our JOIN page.

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