Dave Isaacs at the 2017 Dayton Regional

Dave Isaacs at the 2017 Dayton Regional

With momentum coming out of a successful second season - 2 Regional Championships, and a top 10 spot in WGI World Championship Finals - INov8 is setting our sights for big things in the future, and taking steps to move to the next level in 2018. A big part of our success has been our dedicated admin and tech staff, and we're excited to announce some new additions to the team!

On the administrative side, we're adding some familiar faces, as well as a new one. Kevin Ransdell will continue to coordinate behind the scenes as Administrative Director. Dylan Combs, formerly snare technician, will be joining the admin team as Donor Relations Coordinator. And coming on as Member Relations Coordinator is Abner Miralda, a local graduate from University of Louisville with a bachelors in Communication. Dave Isaacs will be returning as Program Director and Design Coordinator, and alongside will be Derek Fields acting as design consultant behind the scenes.

On the tech staff side, Abby Seay will be returning as Battery Coordinator, along with Brad Perry (snares), Josh Stogner (quads), Jacquelyn Brice (front ensemble) and Conor Devins, who will be back with the front ensemble, and doing a bit of behind-the-scenes work on design. Our new additions include Ben Worley and Ronnie MacDuff, two Cavalier alumni who will be joining us to work with the cymbals. We have Mike Pindara working with the quads, and Robyn Hagle joining us with the front ensemble. All our staff has experience performing and even working with World Class ensembles such as Bluecoats, Cadets, Phantom Regiment, Carolina Crown, Blue Stars, Madison Scouts, Glassmen, Rhythm X, Matrix, Cavaliers Indoor, North Coast Academy, and Tates Creek Indoor.

We are really excited to have this knowledgeable and experienced staff working with the group this season to take INov8 to the next level of the competitive activity, and bring you a show like you've never seen before! To learn more about all our staff, click HERE to go to the staff page and read their bios. If you'd like to volunteer with us on staff, you can go HERE or contact the director at dave@inov8ensembles.org

Don't forget that registration is now live, so click the link below to register for the audition clinics, get your official audition t-shirt, download the 108-page professionally compiled technique & exercise program, and get the link to over 120 high-quality practice tracks.

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