INov8 Winter Percussion has now officially concluded the audition process, and is well into putting together our production for the 2018 season, Time Bomb. The amount of talent that showed up for the audition process, including the overwhelming number of returning members, is guaranteed to push the ensemble to the next level of competition.

The group this season will also be larger than in the past, marching 28 members in the battery - 8 snares, 4 quads, 8 bass drums, 8 cymbals; and 17-18 in the front ensemble - 5 marimba, 4 vibes, xylo, pedal glock, 2-3 synths, 2 auxiliary, drum set and bass guitar. In addition to the growing numbers, we'll be sporting all new Dynasty/Bergerault keyboards, a full line of brand new 18" Symphonic Viennese, and several new cymbals throughout the front ensemble, thanks to our new partnership with Zildjian.

On Sunday, the front ensemble began pushing through the opener, and the battery ended the day by playing through the entire first movement (2 minutes 30 seconds) at tempo. "The musical content this year is unique and extremely demanding, so it's remarkable that they're able to play it so well this early in the season, much less get through two and a half minutes of music before November", said Dave Isaacs, Ensemble Director and Designer. "So far, the vibe and professionalism of the group is something new and exciting for the organization, and I can't wait to see where this takes us into the future!"

You can find the full cast list HERE. There are still open spots left in the ensemble, so there's still a chance for you to be a part of this amazing group in 2018! If you'd like to learn more about auditioning for these spots, contact us at