INov8 relies on a team of volunteers to help our organization run each year. Quite simply, we cannot do it without you! Whether it is one month or one day, volunteers are the backbone of our non-profit organizations -- will YOU volunteer to be an INov8 CRU Member?

We are always in need of:

  • Logistics CRU - Helping the ensemble get from Point A to Point B around the region and at our competition sites.
  • Food CRU - Ensuring that meals are prepped safely, served, and packed away throughout the season.
  • Merch CRU - Helping to develop the INov8 brand through merchandise on our Website and at Performances
  • Uniform CRU - Ensuring that our Uniforms are tracked, cleaned, and maintained.  Uniforms are one of our largest expenses each season and are an enormous contribution to our show design.
  • Development CRU - Helping to develop the organization in the community through donor cultivation, civic partnerships, corporate sponsorship, and the annual raffle.
  • Media CRU - Ensuring that each weekend camp and every performance produces high quality media assets to be used to build the INov8 brand and recruit for future season.
  • Projects CRU - Helping with ad hoc projects such planning our community performances and Educational Clinics.

Your time, skills, and resources allow cast members to have the experience of a lifetime, and in turn you build great new friendships with each other, the staff, members and alumni of the corps.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out the form below and a staff member will reach out to provide more information and answer any questions you have.

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