INov8 (pronounced "Innovate") is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based out of Floyds Knobs, Indiana with the purpose to provide an inspiring place for young percussionists to showcase their talent and grow as musicians and adults.  INov8 Winter Percussion was founded in September of 2015, due to a need in the Southern Indiana and Louisville area for a WGI based percussion performance ensemble.  INov8 actually stands for Indiana / Ohio Valley.

INov8 was originally INov8 Independent, founded in 2012 through Greater Evansville Youth Arts Association (GEYAA). They competed in the 2013 and 2015 seasons in the Independent A Class in WGI, and were WGI finalists in 2015.

Our Executive Director and Designer, Dave Isaacs, has been the percussion director at Floyd Central High School since early 2014, and saw the potential for something bigger as soon as he walked in the door.  Even more-so when he learned how scarce involvement in the winter activity was in S. Indiana and the Louisville, Kentucky area.  With the amount of talent, and the lack of programs involved in WGI and the winter activity, there was a need for something more, and something local for students to strive for.  

In the early fall of 2015, Dave got in contact with the board of directors at GEYAA about a need for an Independent Percussion group in the area. Without hesitation, the request was approved, and so began the process of putting together what is now INov8 Winter Percussion.

In September of 2015, registration for the 2016 was open, and a month later, we began the audition process. We had roughly 20 students show up that Sunday, and no one was quite sure what would happen. But over the next few months, we were able to put together a full ensemble, and ended our inaugural season making WGI Semifinals in Percussion Independent Open with our 2016 production "A Touch of Gold".

In 2017, with our show "The Ripples Must Be Endless", we came out strong! We won both the Dayton and Indianapolis Regionals in PIO, and we made finals for the first time at the WGI World Championships, breaking the top 10 in our class. 

Our 2018 production, "Time Bomb", was a new challenge for the ensemble. We decided to take on a bigger design with more layers and responsibilities for the ensemble, but it didn't stop our forward movement. We won the Dayton, Indianapolis, and Mid-East Regionals in 2018, and went on to place 5th in PIO at the WGI World Championships.

2019 will be the fourth season for INov8 Winter Percussion, and we'll be entering the Independent World Class! We are bringing new things to the table in 2019, including a visual ensemble, and several new staff members. Going into this next season, we have many new challenges, and need as much support from donors and volunteers as we can get. Please consider making a donation today!

We appreciate your support and come see us at a show!